Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Online Fine Art Shop!

I am thrilled to finally share my New Online Fine Art Shop with you! After much thought and many hours it has finally come together! The concept for my shop has been brewing for some time. As long as I can remember I have always been interested in one's space and its effects on the individual. 

As a child I remember playing with this concept innately. I loved to imagine special rooms in the space around me. During wintertime I would find little nooks and pretend a small room existed. Here I would envision furniture within the space. Often my friends and I would build snow furniture to fit into this special niche. These were fun times and ones that stayed with me throughout adulthood.

As an adult I still love creating special spots in my home or quaint vignettes where I display fine art. The paintings and the world or objects they represent create a sense of comfort and adventure, allowing one's mind to escape everyday responsibilities. Thus, fine art serves as a mini retreat without ever having to leave your comfy spot.

Throughout my shop and blog I hope to merge "fine art" and philosophies about "space". I will share new work, books, ideas and visually inspired spaces that will assist in helping you incorporate fine art into your own personal or business space. Follow along with me by subscribing to my posts. You will then receive new posts in your email!

I love hearing from you and welcome any comments or thoughts you have about my shop or about creating inspired spaces. Wishing you much inspiration in creating your own uplifting spaces!



P.S. Be sure to sign up for my Fine Art Ezine as well! 

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